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We create custom solutions for various needs, including racking, gondola, metal cabinets, and counters. Our gondola rack and shelves cover a wide range of sectors and industries.


Light to heavy duty metal rack and shelves systems, Metal or wood cabinetries and counters.

We can incorporate Brands and signage with our gondola rack and shelves.


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Welcome to Uniwell Malaysia,
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As a leading manufacturer in the nation, we pride in providing top-notch solutions for your business!

Gondola Rack & Shelves

Uniwell Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian private owned company specializing in being a Gondola Rack & Shelves Manufacturer.

Since 2003, Uniwell has become a top supplier of affordable retail gondola racks, offering easy storage solutions for various stores like supermarkets, gas stations, small shops, and banks. Our retail gondola systems showcase products neatly in supermarkets, and make snacks and drinks accessible at gas stations. Small shops use our affordable retail shelving to display items effectively, while banks find our customized affordable storage solutions helpful for organizing documents.

Looking for advice? Check out our blog with helpful tips to improve your retail experience. Uniwell aims to simplify and enhance your shopping experience with our high-quality, affordable gondola racks and shelves, available near you.



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