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Since we started in 2012, Uniwell Malaysia has been a top company for custom store displays. We help all kinds of stores, from big hypermarkets to small convenience stores, with our easy-to-use retail gondola systems and racking solutions. At Uniwell Malaysia, we understand what each client needs and create perfect solutions for them.

We are experts in metal retail products and offer more than just displays. Our solutions make your store look better and work better. Our skilled team pays attention to details, turning retail spaces into neat and attractive places. We have also started doing joinery work, so we can handle more projects, from stores to homes. This shows our commitment to meeting the changing needs of our clients and the retail industry.

With over 150 skilled workers, Uniwell Malaysia provides high-quality metal retail products that go beyond what you expect. We offer space-saving storage racks and eye-catching shop gondola systems to improve the retail experience. As a top gondola manufacturer, we have gondola shelving for sale and various retail shelving options. With many choices nearby, it’s easy to find the right racking and shelving for you. Led by our founding directors, we strive for excellence in every project. As we continue to innovate, Uniwell Malaysia remains committed to helping retailers succeed and boost their retail sales.

We provide the following for your business:

Throughout our 20 years in the industry, Uniwell Malaysia had provided display solutions to 100+ leading industries in Malaysia.


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