In the world of retail, where the places people shop are pivotal, Uniwell Malaysia excels in creating exceptional environments. We’re thrilled to showcase some of our standout retail projects. Whether small boutiques or large outlets, each project exemplifies our commitment to crafting remarkable retail spaces.

Project Highlight No.1

Famous Retailer

Why do famous stores always look so neat & organized? It’s because of gondolas & racks!  It makes shopping easier and helps staff quickly find items or restock shelves.

Project Highlight No.2

Independent Pharmacy

Is there an empty corner in your pharmacy that needs some attention? With our solutions, this big pharmacy had maximize the showcase of their products at every corner while drawing the attention of the customers.
Project Highlight No.3

Bike Equipment Store

We’ve worked together to bring an efficient & organized gondola system to life in this bicycle shop. It’s not just about bikes; it’s about creating a seamless & visually appealing shopping experience!
Project Highlight No.4

Duty Free Store

Feel the magic of our customized setups for these duty-free store!  Whether it’s premium spirits, luxurious perfumes, delectable chocolates, exquisite tableware, or fashionable accessories, custom setups is a must to cater well to diverse duty-free items.

Project Highlight No.5

Famous Bookstore

It is a game-changer for these specific famous bookstore! With these setups, they made the most of your space without feeling cramped, and keep everything organized for easy browsing. Plus, we help added that extra flair to the store’s vibe, giving it a unique look that customers will love.


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